Super Simple Surveys


What's the point of OneQstn?

OneQstn is the quickest way to set up a single question survey or poll and collect responses

What is a poll?

A poll is just like a survey but tends to be just one question, we like to think that OneQstn questions can be considered a poll or a survey

I still don't get it, can you give me an example?

Sure, we'll give you three:

  • 1. Planning something with a group of friend and need to make a decision? Set up a OneQstn and send them all the link, problem solved!
  • 2. Want to ask your blog or website visitors a question but feel Survey Monkey is a bit much? OneQstn has your back.
  • 3. Planning a new business idea and just want some super quick feedback on what direction to take? You got it, OneQstn all the way!

Setting up a simple one question survey for these and sharing it from OneQstn is an ideal way to get responses quickly.

Where is my question stored?

Your survey question is stored at a simple URL which is easy to remember and short enough to include in a Tweet, Facebook status update or even an SMS text message

Where are the results stored?

Your survey question results are stored at a unique URL, only you will know the results URL so you can share it along with your survey or keep it private

So can my results be found by someone?

Yes, there is no concept of a user account on OneQstn but they would have to guess the unique URL code so it would be pretty tricky

Can someone answer my question more than once?

As OneQstn does not use user accounts there are ways to answer your survey more than once but they would really have to be trying to annoy you and be smarter than the average bear

Can I ask more than one question?

Yes, you simple go back to the home page and start the process again to generate a new one question survey and new survey link

How long will you host my survey for?

As long as you like - if you want it deleted then just email

What will you do with data collected from my surveys?

In all honesty, probably nothing - we may drop in a contextual advert at some point and you might get the odd email

Do I have to supply my email address?

No - you can ask a question anonymously

Why do you ask for my email address then?

We host our survey questions and results on unique URLs, to help you keep a record of them we can email them to you if you like

If I have another question what can I do?

You can email us at - we'd love to hear from you